Kingston Pots

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The Kingston pot is a square pot with a curved edge design available in a set of 3 . It is offered in 6 different colours, Arctic, Blizzard, Graphite, Nougat, Onyx and Taupe. It features a smooth, terrazzo style finish.

A: 270L x 270W x 270H / 15.6Ltr
B: 370L x 370W x 370H / 42.9Ltr
C: 470L x 470W x 470H / 91.1Ltr


Urban Outdoor Pots are made from a fibre clay composite which consists of a blend of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride and Fibreglass. They are UV stable and light weight making them  the perfect addition to any balcony, courtyard, indoor or outdoor space. All pots include drainage holes unless otherwise stated.

Pot Colours

Arctic, Blizzard, Graphite, Nougat, Onyx, Taupe